Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Kenya: How agency and mobile banking took over country

Ever since M-Pesa and mobile banking was launched in Kenya 10 years ago, there has not been any other innovation that has come close...

Mobile money for the unbanked – Avoiding common industry pitfalls

A new Roland Berger study, entitled Mobile Money for the unbanked – Avoiding common industry pitfalls, highlights the challenges of creating a Mobile Money...

Addressing the unbanked and underbanked in developing countries

Around 2 billion people worldwide do not use formal financial services and around half the adults in the poorest households are unbanked, according to the...

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Payment industry history with first AES DUKPT key management implementation

Verifone says it has implemented AES DUKPT with its end-to-end encryption solution, VeriShield Total Protect, its Engage family of payment devices, and Carbon 8 & 10. Co-designed by Verifone, AES DUKPT...
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