Triple DES security on mobile Bluetooth printer


Blue Bamboo has extended the proven industry standard MK/SK and DUKPT Triple DES algorithm to encrypt cardholder data during wireless transaction processing to its mobile printer.

By extending the financial industry’s proven key management technology to the Bluetooth wireless P25-M Printer, Blue Bamboo solution partners can enable end to end encryption and ensure sensitive cardholder data is never exposed through wireless data transmission.

Blue Bamboo incorporates security expertise that prevents cardholder data from being stolen through breaches when data travels from cards to P25-M Printers via Bluetooth. The company has successfully provided customers with a full range of secure and versatile electronic payment solutions. After launching the first POS-B PCI certified GPRS payment terminal in the market with the Blue Bamboo H50, Blue Bamboo has extended that security expertise to the P25-M Printer.