TSYS launch MobilePASS


TSYS has introduced MobilePASS, a payment application that gives merchants the ability to accept and process card payments anytime, anywhere, while providing consumers with the convenience they demand. MobilePASS is positioned as part of the company’s initiative for enterprise-wide innovation, ‘n>genuity in action: n>gen’.

MobilePASS is viewed as alternative to traditional and expensive payment applications such as wireless terminals, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems and old-fashioned knuckle busters. It offers credit and debit card processing, voids, returns and reporting, enabling merchants to process a sale regardless of where their business takes them. Cardholder data is protected in the event that the smartphone is lost or stolen, because data is not stored on the device. As a result, merchants can focus on servicing customers and growing their business without being hindered by security concerns.