Turning smartphones into payment and loyalty devices


ViVOtech and DeviceFidelity (MPW 139, 143) have announced a joint solution that brings contactless mobile payment, loyalty, transit, ticketing and coupon redemption capabilities to leading Smartphone models.

The joint solution can be deployed on most leading smartphones – including multiple Blackberry models, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3Gs – and is available to financial institutions and mobile operators globally.

The joint solution enables ViVOtech’s mobile wallet software, over-the-air (OTA) provisioning solution, and coupon issuance/redemption software to be deployed with DeviceFidelity’s NFC-enabled In2Pay microSD and In2Pay Case for iPhone technology. This enables consumers to plug the In2Pay microSD into their smartphones, download multiple credit and/or debit cards securely to their handsets, and use their phones to perform contactless transactions.

In addition, consumers can download merchants’ loyalty, gift and prepaid cards and customise these cards automatically to redeem loyalty points and take advantage of discounts. Consumers can also request e-coupons and discount offers, store them in their mobile wallets, and redeem them electronically at the time of purchase.

In2Pay microSD with integrated NFC antenna, 1Gb user memory and MiFare support has garnered global recognition and is being trialed by banks and network operators worldwide, the companies claim. Potential customers are now offered a turnkey solution comprising NFC readers, OTA and wallet software, and the In2Pay NFC payment solution for smartphones.

‘The collaboration between ViVOtech and DeviceFidelity is aimed at delivering the promise of NFC today, and on mobile devices that consumers prefer,’ says Deepak Jain, CEO and founder of DeviceFidelity. ‘Our technology unlocks the chicken and egg situation that has plagued the NFC ecosystem and provides a compelling return on investment for banks, payment networks, merchants and wireless carriers that are interested in the commercial deployment of NFC’.

‘We are delighted to provide options to millions of consumers today to turn their smartphones into intelligent contactless payment devices instantly – and that’s just the start,’ adds Mohammad Khan, president and founder, ViVOtech. ‘ViVOtech’s software coupled with DeviceFidelity’s In2Pay solution enables a range of applications for m-commerce and transit including mobile loyalty, coupons, gift and marketing.’