U.S. Bank launches “Go Mobile” using an iPhone

U.S. Bank Go Mobile

U.S. Bank FlexPerks Visa customers in Salt Lake City will be the first U.S. Bank customers invited to try a new mobile payment service called U.S. Bank Go Mobile. The service allows customers to quickly and securely pay for everyday purchases with a wave of their iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.

Newly approved customers who qualify and opt-in for the service will receive a customized U.S. Bank Go Mobile iPhone case along with their new card. The case is equipped with NFC, which allows customers to make safe and secure purchases. The case also has an extra battery extending the phone’s charge time by more than 50%.

U.S. Bank Go Mobile
U.S. Bank Go Mobile

“We have incorporated all of the feedback we have received from prior pilots and our customer research into this latest offering and we are excited to offer U.S. Bank Go Mobile in these two markets,” comments Dominic Venturo, chief innovation officer for U.S. Bank Payment Services.

U.S. Bank is partnering with Visa, DeviceFidelity and Datacard Group to bring this payment technology to its customers. The iPhone case used for the Go Mobile payment service is developed and patented by DeviceFidelity. It incorporates a certified portable secure element embedded into the microNFC card enabling the phone for payments. This microNFC and FlexPerks smart card will be personalized with Datacard secure issuance solutions providing superior security and efficiency.

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