UK: cardless withdrawals at ATMs to launch later this year


UK consumers will soon be able to make cardless ATM withdrawals thanks to a partnership between Ukash and Bank Machine.

This partnership enables customers to exchange online funds into cash, without the need for a debit or credit card, at Bank Machine ATMs, throughout the British Isles.

Customers are able to buy Ukash at over 420,000 retailers worldwide which can then be used to pay online on thousands of websites. The new collaboration between Bank Machine and Ukash will allow consumers to complete the cash circle by converting their Ukash back into cash at Bank Machine ATMs.

Bank Machine and Ukash have been working together exclusively on this initiative since April 2011 and are set to see cardless cash withdrawals go live at the start of June 2012. This new enterprise is the latest in a long line of ATM initiatives from Bank Machine who installed the first independent ATM in the UK in 1998.

David Hunter, CEO of Ukash comments: ‘Our customers are always looking for new ways to manage their Ukash. This announcement marks an important step towards enabling customers to turn their Ukash back to cash. Customers will be able to pick up cash from any of the thousands of Bank Machine ATMs across the UK without the need to use a credit or debit card.’