US Bank unveils contactless wristband


US Bank is launching a wristband that lets users make contactless payments and store emergency contact and medical information.

The US Bank MasterCard PayPass Vitaband contains an RFID chip, enabling users to make low value payments at the point-of-sale by waving it against compatible readers.

Each band also carries a Vitanumber, a unique, eight digit numeric identifier that links the wearer to a customisable Emergency Response Profile, which houses the individual’s identity and critical medical information. First responders can access the profile in the event of an emergency.

The bank has been testing the band – developed with MasterCard, Vita Products, Oberthur Technologies and FIS – with employees this year ahead of a wider rollout.

Beth Blaisdell, SVP, payment services, US Bank, says: “US Bank MasterCard PayPass Vitaband is great for sports enthusiasts or people who are on-the-go and don’t want the hassle of carrying cash and identification. It provides contactless payment functionality, along with access to emergency contact and medical information, all in one convenient wristband.”