ViVOtech’s newest POS device


ViVOtech has announced the global launch of its new breed of customer-facing payment acceptance devices, the ViVOpay 8800e for merchants. Featuring EMV chip, PCI 2.1 certification and built-in contactless NFC technology.

As the newest member of the ViVOpay 8000 series, the ViVOpay 8800e goes beyond the standard functionality of even the most advanced payment device by featuring built-in contactless NFC mobile acceptance support, versatile ViVOcomm protocol and intelligent mobile loyalty software that enables merchants to offer mobile coupons, offers and loyalty programs to their customers that can drive more store traffic and create up-sell opportunities while customers are in store.

Using the ViVOpay 8000 products, customers can redeem mobile coupons and promotions electronically with contactless or mag-stripe cards, contactless sticker-attached to existing phones or NFC-enabled mobile phones.

‘With tens of millions of NFC mobile phones about to hit the market in 2011 and EMV continuing to gain traction in the US, merchants have to be ready for the surge with the right technology,’ says Mohammad Khan, president of ViVOtech. ‘The new products integrate with both contactless NFC and EMV technologies, along with ViVOtech mobile loyalty and coupon software, providing merchants with long-term protection on their investments while enabling them to offer a high-value and interactive shopping experience for their customers.’