VocaLink partners with Clairmail


VocaLink has announced a partnership with Clairmail.

The partnership will enable banks to use Clairmail’s Smart Client technology to deliver new services to their customers, such as Person-to-Person Mobile Payments, enabled by VocaLink’s real-time capabilities, such as Faster and Immediate Payments and multi-channel service options. Through this partnership, VocaLink and Clairmail will enable banks to provide a roadmap of innovative, real-time banking solutions through the mobile channel.

Marc Terry, MD, global transaction services at VocaLink, said ‘As smartphone sales continue to soar and consumer demand for mobile banking increases, financial services organisations can no longer ignore the huge potential of the mobile channel when it comes to delivering a successful consumer payments strategy. Our partnership with Clairmail will enable banks to effectively deliver innovative banking solutions, benefiting from a truly end-to-end solution.’