Vodafone to launch NFC payments in the UK


Mobile network operator Vodafone is preparing to make NFC payments available to its customers in the UK in time for the launch of contactless bank card payments on London’s public transport network.

“Vodafone SmartPass will be offered to customers to make contactless mobile payments

A smartphone with contactless enables Visa card through NFC SIM
Vodafone to launch NFC payments in the UK

for TfL modes of transport,” Vodafone explained. “It will be using NFC-enabled devices.”

Vodafone has been gradually rolling out its SmartPass with NFC service across Europe. The service launched in Spain in November 2013, in Germany and the Netherlands in March 2014 and in Italy in April 2014.

Vodafone customers with NFC handsets can download the Wallet app from their appropriate app stores and set up a SmartPass account. Customers without NFC capability will have the option to order a SmartPass sticker to affix to their mobile phones to make payments.

Users can make transactions under £20 at any of the 300,000 retailers that display the Visa and contactless payment logos.

Customers will also be able to make use of paying for public transport across the Transport for London network which recently installed contactless terminals across its service.

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