Volantis addresses m-content


Volantis has announced an enhanced mobile content strategy to drive faster adoption of wireless applications, content and services, lowering barriers to entry for wireless carriers, content providers and enterprises worldwide to develop and provision a greater variety of content across 2G, 2.5G and 3G mobile devices.

According to Ovum, revenue from mobile premium content is expected to more than double by 2009, reaching $44.7bn. By then over 1.2bn subscriptions will include the ability to download data or connect to the internet via mobile devices.

‘Mobile operators and content providers require off-the-shelf content delivery systems to enable them to quickly deploy new services across a full range of handsets while minimizing cost and complexity,’ says Tony Cripps, analyst at Ovum. ‘Successful vendors will be those that address these requirements with a well-defined base platform of market-tested mobile data capabilities and a range of application-specific packages to help enable the migration of the internet to mobile.’

Paul Whitehead, head of business development, Channel 4 New Media, comments: ‘Mobile is a key component of our new media strategy and Volantis has been key to the launch of our first successful mobile portal. With big plans for a number of new services, we are working closely with them to ensure a compelling mobile experience to viewers, regardless of the mobile device they use.’