Zapa’s new payment services for European retailers


Zapa Technology has chosen Postilion to be the core payments platform for its new mobile prepaid top-up, loyalty, and gift card processing services for European retailers. Zapa will make use of contactless and NFC technologies to drive customer acquisition and improve the consumer experience.

To differentiate their service offering, Zapa has introduced ZAPA TAG, an NFC ‘sticke’ placed inside or outside the mobile phone, which collects loyalty points or holds stored value. Consumers need only wave an enabled phone across the ZAPA terminal, located at participating retailers’ POS, to redeem an offer, access a service, or collect loyalty points.

Postilion will allow Zapa to centrally manage all loyalty points and contactless transactions and provide detailed reports that are ideal for usage analysis. With Postilion, Zapa will also be able to add new payment services as retailers diversify from prepaid top-up into other offerings, such as gift cards, and lottery ticket purchases.

Zapa is launching its services by seeding POS infrastructure to strategic retailers and providing their customers with ZAPA TAGs. By initially focusing on the Irish market, Zapa aims to ignite consumer demand, turning the desire for contactless convenience into tangible business value for retailers. By doing so, it will position Ireland as an early adopter of contactless and NFC, setting a positive example for the rest of Europe.

‘We chose Postilion because we wanted to clearly differentiate Zapa as a European payments innovator,’ explains John Nagle, CEO, Zapa Technology. ‘Contactless is still a relatively new concept for most retailers so it was important to provide them with the assurance that it is powered by Postilion’s high performing, secure payments platform.’