Zoompass application launched on iPhone


Apple iPhone users in Canada can now download a mobile money transfer service called Zoompass for free from the App Store.

Zoompass was launched at the end of June 2009 by EnStream, which is a mobile commerce joint venture company owned by Bell Mobility, Rogers and TELUS, Canada’s three major wireless operators (MPW 132).

To transfer funds, iPhone users first visit the zoompass website and download the mobile money application. This then interfaces with the iPhone’s address book, allowing customers to send or request money from any one of their contacts.

EnStream president Robin Dua says making the Zoompass application available on a widely-available device like the iPhone is an important part of its strategy to empower consumers to perform payment transactions on any mobile device. ‘We are merging the wallet with the mobile phone, which will eventually allow people to leave their wallets at home,’ says Dua.

The Apple iPhone is rapidly becoming a key application for mobile money transfer providers. At the end of July, Monitise Americas also launched a mobile money application on the App Store (MPW 134). This will enable iPhone and iPod touch users to perform banking and payment operations using a single interface, regardless of their choice of mobile operator.

The availability of the Zoompass allocation and Monitise Americas’ mobile phone application indicates that customers are increasingly demanding the convenience of managing their finances via a mobile channel.